Refugee Program

We’ve been working almost exclusively for the past few years with unaccompanied refugees from the Middle East. Here are some links to that work:

about the events we’ve conducted:

for the youth (especially during the pandemic):

Originally we were taking ideas that came from the young people and creating events around them. Gradually they are beginning to actively conduct the project themselves. First we converted my studio into a clubroom where we can more easily do events. 


Now we are planning film seminars this autumn [NB by invitation only and within a private residence]. The first one has been „Media and Politics in Film,“ beginning with ones we could access on the internet (Covid), and continuing with a whole program already prepared. They are learning hermeneutic skills and, as soon as we can work on site, they will be practicing discussion skills as well. It’s very intensive. There is a link to this on the club website.

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